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Exhibition Raised Flooring


  • Height 43 mm or with extension legs 100 mm,
    fixed height
  • Speed: 200 m² in one hour with two men
  • Grid: 50 x 50 cm
  • Max. Point load 7,4 t
  • Apply PVC, laminate or carpet directly to the floor
  • An easy quick assembly


  • Purchase price: from 94,- Euro/m²
  • Assembly can include carpet and laminate
Video: Assembly

Speed: 3 persons can assemble 50 m² in less than 10 minutes.

Video: Dismantle and transport
Video: Dismantle raised exhibition floor
Video: Strength
Video: Strength - raised exhibition floor
Video: Cable Management
Video: Cable Management
Transport & Weight
  • SpeedFloor Mini is 42% lighter than comparable floors or chipboard with battens
  • One 50 x 50 cm tile weights 2,5 kg
  • 50 m² fit on a 1x1m palett
  • 100 m² fit on a Sprinter van
  • 280 m² fit on a 7,5 tonner
  • 580 m² fit on a 12 tonner
  • 1.700 m² fit on a 40 trailer
Purchase / Rent

Purchase price: from 94,- Euro/m²

Special highlight!

Rent + assembly + dismantlement from 22,- Euro / m²

Can include the laying of carpet or laminate and aluminum edges - Ready to use!

Also in 100mm height with ex. legs
100mm raised exhibition floor
Strong enough to carry a tank
Tank on the strongest raised floor in the world